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We'd like to share our Zoho Advanced Partner business solution tips & tricks to help you improve & automate your CRM and business processes 

from lead generation through your business operation system 

with online operation solution Zoho. 

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Did you know you can . . .

Use Zoho Advanced Filters in CRM  

Working in the Leads module to find leads that have a phone number and an email address.

On the left of the screen, find FILTER LEADS BY.

Tick the check box (or type & check) the phone field - select 'is not empty'

As above for the Email field

Click on 'Apply Filter' at the bottom of the screen.  This will make another button called 'Save Filter' - click on this button.

Name your new filter eg 'Email & Phone completed' and Save Filter

This will be added to the SAVED FILTERS list to be used at any time.

You can only save up to 5 filters per module.

Change the Business Card view in a module

In a module such as Deals/Opportunities there is related fields at the top of a record. These can be adjusted to view different fields as required.

Open any record in the module changes are required

Click on the three dots ( . . . ) in the far right of the screen, just below your account icon (or photo if you have uploaded it)

4th item from the bottom is 'Customize Business Card'

You can have up to 5 fields in your business card, select and delete until you have the desired fields - Save

Note that when you hover over the contact/owner details you will see a pop up with further information

Insert a sub form into your lead module. 

You can create up to 8 fields - a sub form allows you to add lines of data to a record.

Set up your sub form in the module you wish to have the data converted to

(Accounts, Contacts, Deals)

From the module layout section, hover over the ... and click on Conversion mapping.

Map the fields you wish to convert and save.

Select the lead, convert, select the modules you wish to have your lead converted to